Illumination Intensive June 2023

Focused Programs and short-term Intensives are an excellent addition to any personal or business growth journey.

Although it is easy to do, this is life-altering work of the highest order. You will come up against your barriers and be challenged.

De-identify with all false ideas and allow the authentic you to emerge.

Note: These programs are available though-out the year as interest and facilitator availability dictate. Please check the individual pages for more details and to be added to a wait list if the event has yet to be scheduled.

Accelerated Evolution Coaching Academy

Director and head trainer with Accelerate Evolution Coaching Academy

Training top level coaches all over the world. 

Are you interested in being a top performance coach, helping clients consistently get the results they want and live the life of their dreams?

Call me for more information or to register.

Watch videos from students, clients and trainers of Accelerated Evolution and hear their personal experience.

Illumination Intensive

Mentorship Mastermind with Linda Robinson

Where Prosperity and Fulfillment Meet

Step into a transformative journey tailored exclusively for coaches with the Mentorship Mastermind led by Linda Robinson, where prosperity and fulfillment converge. Over the course of a year, join us monthly to unlock your true potential.

Illumination Intensive

Illumination Intensive

Self Inquiry—the Depth, Beauty, and Truth of YOU

For over 40 years since the Enlightenment Intensives began, people all over the world have confirmed attaining the same enlightenment experience that Truth Seekers have been striving to achieve for thousands of years, in just 4 days with a simple meditative technique.

Passion Date Day

Passion Date Day

A Fun Experiential Workshop for Conscious Couples.

Remember when you first fell in love? Re-ignite the passion and love even deeper.

Get in touch with what you love about each other—see each other anew.

Kensho Day of Awakening

Kensho–Day of Awakening

A Journey Into Self Realization

A brilliant workshop—derived from the Enlightenment/ Illumination technique transformed in a way that does not need a monastic, residential setting and still produces a high number of direct experiences.

Kensho Facilitator Training

Kensho Facilitator Training

For those who love Illumination Intensives and Kensho Awakening Seminars

How would you like to learn the process so you can guide others- either one on one or with groups? Create an additional income stream and serve in other’s Awakening.