What Clients are saying

Linda is a fantastic combination of heart and mind. She has a presence that unconditionally accepts me and whatever it is I’m going through while her intelligence dependably penetrates to the heart of the situation.  She has been an extremely effective partner in helping me stay on purpose. With Linda’s help, I have prospered financially while growing increasingly effective, resilient, centered, and, I have to say, joyful amid significant personal and professional challenges. 

John Utter

President, Thrive at Work

Linda Robinson is a living transmission of abundance and flow. Working with her I feel like anything is possible. And when I feel that way it becomes true. Hearing her story I know she’s gotten where she is through courage, persistence and deep exploration. I can be vulnerable about my challenges and Linda has the skills and experience to move me through my fears or confusion into clarity and action. I admire Linda’s business and her joyous life. She walks her talk.

If you’re looking for a fabulous life and want to learn from the best, call Linda.

Heidi Smith

Life coach and author

Linda gets results! When I started working with her I had recently launched a new coaching business myself and had gone several months without enrolling even one paying client. I was working more than full-time with no income to show for it. Within a few months of working with Linda, I closed 30k worth of coaching packages within a 4 week period and my business is in momentum.

I love how Linda provides the perfect blend of practical advice on how to grow a successful coaching practice with deep inner work and masterful processing. I am always impressed by how effective she is at supporting me to get out of my own way. One of my biggest blocks which was literally stalling my business was a deep fear of “putting myself out there” and actively promoting myself and within one session with Linda, this was completely dissolved. Her level of depth, presence and non-judgement creates a coaching container that is world-class in my opinion.

I would highly recommend working with Linda for any coaches looking to uplevel their business or for anyone simply looking to uplevel their life!

Jared Lim

CEO, Jared Lim Coaching

Much of establishing a business is based on mindset, and Linda absolutely delivers the right tools to help you affirm your position as a business leader and entrepreneur. A goal of mine while working with Linda was to launch group programs in which Linda helped mecultivate the foundational framework needed.

Linda is not only an amazing coach and mentor; she walks her talk.

Ally Jewel

Sex and Relationship Coach/ Trainer , Tony Robbins

Linda Robinson is a kick-ass coach/guide, because she has created a kick-ass life for herself.  There is nothing she hasn’t done, and walks her talk.  What I love about Linda’s guidance, is not only that she sees me for who I truly am, but she won’t tolerate any excuses for being anything other than my best me!  Linda has guided and inspired me to create a fulfilling coaching practice that not only transforms my client’s lives, but also fits into my dream lifestyle. 

If you want to uplevel your life in every way, you must reach out to Linda, she’s got you!!   ❤️❤️❤️

Sue-Ann MacCara


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