A Journey Into Self Realization

Day of Awakening

June 15, 2024

For those who love Illumination and Enlightenment Intensives

“Kensho -Day of Awakening” is a brilliant workshop – derived from the Enlightenment/ Illumination technique transformed in a way that does not need a monastic, residential setting and still produces a high number of direct experiences.

Clear your head and your heart to make room for what is alive for you. Get deeply connected to who you are in all of your magnificence, depth and inner peace.

“Kensho” is the initial awakenings, insights, enlightenment experiences.

Find and ground within yourself the eye of the storm. A resolute center so that you have an inner strength to be able to handle all that life brings to your front door.

Authentically living and expressing real self-confidence, real openness, real integrity.

  • Show up Fully and Authentically as You.
  • Increase your ability for self-expression and Love.
  • Increase passion and direction in your life.
  • Gain congruency, contentment and joy in Life.
  • Experience divinity and profound unity with all that is.

The day consists of partnered Meditation and communication- Introspection, de-identifying, clearing the mind and coming to Union with Truth and Your deepest Self.

Your Hosts:

Linda Robinson is a Transformational Success Coach, An Accelerated Evolution Master Coach and Trainer, and Enlightenment master helping bring out what is authentic in people and igniting their passion and their ability to live their dreams.

Sage Robinson brings years of deep meditation practice and teaching meditation, Accelerated Evolution Training and coaching others, presence and a huge heart. Her mission is to Awaken the world.


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June 15, 2024
9:30am to 6pm
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After May 30th Regular Pricing is $345
Linda and Sage’s home
City Heights
San Diego, California

Phone: 619 222-2543
Text: 619-723-5166
Email: Linda@awakeningtotruth.com

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Highlights from Kensho—Day of Awakening – Aug 2023