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Accelerated Evolution “Live Your Dreams Now” Coaching Program

Accelerated Evolution is a collection of new techniques based on a blend of ancient principles that promises freedom from struggle. These principles are derived from the essence of martial arts, Shiatsu massage, hypnosis, neuro linguistic programming (NLP), and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), as well as the Spiritual Technology work of Zivorad Slavinski and taught to me by master trainer Satyen Raja.

Accelerated Evolution works remarkably fast and is long lasting; it gets to the heart and soul of your problems and effectively removes the effects of trauma, emotional charge and disharmony.

This method is only for those who are seriously ready to leave their past habits behind.

 The benefits of the Accelerated Evolution method include:

  • Transforming long standing issues, problems, and challenges from struggle into something that’s peaceful and you can tackle it with ease
  • Experiencing who you really are as who you are NOT dissolves away
  • Releasing the blocked energy of struggle and allowing the flow of the energy of freedom in all areas- relationship, work, money, family, fitness, quality of life
  • Integrating the qualities and characteristics of people you admire into the very essence of your being and having an immediate gain in your own skill and ability level
  • Manifesting your goals with ease and with quantum leaps forward 

The “Live Your Dreams Now” program is a three month package.        

Using different techniques, introspective questioning, energy shifting processes, deep connection and love – to guide you to your authentic, empowered, centered place of Wholeness.  From a higher level expanded awareness, there is no problem.  It dissolves—allowing you to open to all new possibilities and insights that were previously not available to you.  You emerge with a new stance of confidence and ability.  It almost seems magical. Actions and implementations during the week are accomplished with more ease, energy and flow. Then we celebrate your Wins, Learnings and Accomplishments and keep increasing your momentum and fulfillment.

Ready to identify & live your dreams without compromise?

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Linda Robinson is a living transmission of abundance and flow. Working with her I feel like anything is possible. And when I feel that way it becomes true. Hearing her story I know she’s gotten where she is through courage, persistence and deep exploration. I can be vulnerable about my challenges and Linda has the skills and experience to move me through my fears or confusion into clarity and action.

I admire Linda’s business and her joyous life. She walks her talk. If you’re looking for a fabulous life and want to learn from the best, call Linda.

Heidi Smith

Life coach and author

Tools in my toolbox that I access as needed:

Mind Clearing

Mind Clearing

Mind Clearing is Yoga for the Mind. It is a one on one formal processing session.

Clearing can free you from fixed attitudes, patterns, habits and stuck conditions to allow for more fluidity and choice in your life.

Expected Results

  • Relief from current problems.
  • More energy and freedom to live your life empowered.
  • Release tension to allow you to have more serenity and peace of mind.
  • Allows the innate wisdom of the individual to emerge and to be the guiding force in your life.
  • Removes barriers, shells, guardedness and confusion that keep you from having intimacy and fulfillment in relationships.
  • Helps you identify and achieve your goals in business and in life and allows you to live with passion and clarity.

Emotional Clearing

Emotional Trauma Release

In Emotional Trauma Release, not only do you become who you are, you act from who you are without using a false front. The key to life is relating. With emotion mastery you can have the emotion that is appropriate to the situation. You can relate fully and freer because you are less stuck and less filled with past stack- ups of emotion.

Expected Results

  • Your capacity to feel and express emotions increases
  • Your empathy for others greatly increases
  • Your understanding and acceptance of yourself and of others increases
  • Compulsions go away. you are no longer driven by compulsivity
  • Freedom from reactivity – more present in communications
  • Real connection with others without the walls and defensiveness
  • You gain the ability to relate through emotional difficulty and still be present and authentic
  • More peace and less stress – less stress related body ailments
  • Increased self confidence, energy, feeling of fulfillment
  • More ability to receive and give love

Work very deeply in an individual one on one intensive format 2 sessions per day over a 3, 5 or 7 day period.

Emotional Clearing
Enlightenment Facilitation

Enlightenment Facilitation

Self Inquiry – the Depth, Beauty, and Truth of YOU

Connect to your deepest essence, who you are, what life is. Experience a depth of connection to others and your own personal spirituality. Shed expectations of outside influences and society. Come into your own purpose and direction.

Expected Results:

  • Increase your ability for self-expression and Love.
  • Experience divinity and profound unity with all that is.
  • Know congruence, contentment and joy in Life.
  • Have more effective and satisfying communication and relationships.
  • Increase passion and direction in your life.