Leadership with Heart

Be confident, inspiring and get results.

Working with executives, leaders, teams, and entire companies, Linda provides training and individual coaching that has measurable results in the workplace and in people’s lives.

Linda loves to bring out the best in individuals and companies to raise their abilities and skill set and share their unique gifts and strengths with the world. (We are usually experts in finding our faults and weaknesses but we usually need help in finding and living our real strengths.)

Whether you are looking for one on one coaching to make changes and improvements in your own leadership mindset or would like to bring a heart centered approach to your team,  Linda’s programs and coaching can illuminate your path and help speed you to your leadership goals.

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Leadership and Communication

Interactive Workshops

Customized to meet the needs of the business and the employees- from 4 hours to 2 days or ongoing – (optional can be packaged with individual coaching.)

Workshops include lecture/ information and experiential exercises for self discovery and to impress the learning. Participants leave with clear direction and action steps to deepen their progress.

Some examples of topics covered:

  • What is Leadership – skills, traits, attitudes ( and how to improve your abilities with all of it)
  • Solution based thinking and conversations
  • Building confidence
  • Inspiring and uplifting others and fostering teamwork
  • Team building
  • Organization and follow through
  • Delegation and follow up
  • Being proactive rather than reactive and putting out fires
  • Communication effectiveness and ensuring understanding
  • The art of listening
  • Creating a Positive Work environment
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Self care and stress relief–living a balanced life

Individual Coaching

In-person or via Skype

Working with all types of leaders from CEO, COO, CFO, management or up and coming leaders.
(Sessions are confidential and will not be shared with supervisors or co-workers)

  • All the above topics tailored to the individual, working on specific needs and real current challenges and goals
  • Internally Claiming Your Leadership – Self empowering attitudes
  • Handling ongoing frustration, impatience and anger
  • Role playing and communication exercises
  • Goal setting and time management
  • Responding to criticism / giving feedback effectively
  • Accountability and results – for self and team
  • Identifying and utilization of strengths in team members
  • The art of “appreciation” and morale building
  • Balancing work and self care
  • Clearing Self sabotage and negative patterns that stop you

*** Also available: Sessions with 2 – 3 co-workers to resolve conflict, work out issues, communicate and gain understanding, and find solutions.

Individual Coaching