About Me
I knew there was more

I have been a personal growth and spiritual seeker from the age of 19. I knew there was more to life than what I was told. Life was more than settling for the status quo, the paycheck, the white picket fence. I was looking to feel connected, to feel total freedom and joy. I was determined to find that. 

I studied and applied nearly every modality that was out there; all of it was useful in some way.

In 2004, I did an Enlightenment Intensive with Warrior Sage (called the Illumination Intensive). Everything I had learned prior to this got put into perspective and was able to arrive at an expanded space and a deep knowing of myself. I had never experienced anything so profound. All of the work I had done, the methods I had explored, gelled and I understood how they all fit together. They came into useability. Ease and flow followed.

Today I have a life beyond my wildest dreams traveling the world, great relationships, a totally fulfilling career, and a deep spiritual connection. I live a life of aliveness and purpose and feel absolutely blessed. 

But… It took WORK.

Total freedom and joy is your birthright

But what does that mean? What would it look like to break out of your limiting beliefs and stop settling in your life? 

Self-realization brings a deep spiritual connection with yourself, your life, and others. You know WHO you are. Then, you need to learn to LIVE from that expanded viewpoint instead of the smallness that we sometimes live from.

Are you ready to bring ease and flow into your life?

It is already available to you. Now, it is just a matter of working on whatever limiting beliefs and barriers are in the way. 

This is where I come in.

I am deeply devoted to humanity’s enlightenment.

As a transformational guide I bring a huge loving heart, a certainty that the process works, and the willingness to do whatever is necessary to serve you in this capacity.  I can help you break through your barriers and live your best life. 

Whether you are coming to me for business coaching or for personal development, it is really all the same because it is ultimately all about YOU, your patterns, your beliefs, your goals and dreams.

“My greatest passion in life is seeing people awaken to who they are and to live that Truth in their lives. The opportunity is to peel away everything that is not authentically You and allow the Truth of You to emerge and blossom.”

Linda Robinson

I am the catalyst to move you into ease and flow.

I am a master coach, director, and head trainer with Accelerated Evolution Academy.  I was inducted into Marquis’ Who’s Who for my expertise in life and business coaching. I have received several awards and was recently honored with the Trainers of Trainers Trophy in 2021.

I work with clients who are seeking to achieve life improvement goals in their fitness, professional lives and personal relationships. I also do couples work, coach individuals struggling with addictions, and those who wish for more business success.

Now that you know that total freedom and joy is your birthright, that ease and flow is available to you, how do you break out of your limiting beliefs and stop settling in your life?

I offer coaching and programs that get results. Accelerated Evolution is an integrated set of verbally-guided transformative experiences that allow anybody to dissolve inner conflict, emotional knots and stored trauma, allowing the natural emergence of peace of mind, flow and effortless peak existence, encompassing a collection of techniques derived from martial arts, shiatsu massage, mind clearing, emotion clearing, hypnosis, neurolinguistic programming, and the emotional freedom technique, which is a treatment for physical pain and emotional distress. 

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Linda is a fantastic combination of heart and mind. She has a presence that unconditionally accepts me and whatever it is I’m going through while her intelligence dependably penetrates to the heart of the situation.  She has been an extremely effective partner in helping me stay on purpose. With Linda’s help, I have prospered financially while growing increasingly effective, resilient, centered, and, I have to say, joyful amid significant personal and professional challenges. 

John Utter

President, Thrive at Work

Ways to Work With Me

One on One Coaching

Transformational Coaching

Through 3-months of 1:1 coaching we get to the heart and soul of your problems and effectively remove the effects of trauma, emotional charge, and disharmony giving you choice and empowerment.

Programs and Intensives

Executive Coaching

Working with executives, leaders, teams and entire companies, I provide training, seminars, and individual coaching that has measurable results in the workplace and in people’s lives.

Programs and intensives

Programs and Intensives

One, two or five-day deep dives. These standalone events create a major impact in your awakening journey, relationships, and life fulfillment. It is life-altering work of the highest order.

On a personal note

I was  married to a wonderful man for 40 years until he passed away several years ago.  Our quality of life and our relationship was even deeper and better than when we first got married and when he passed, I had no regrets and nothing left unsaid. He left this world knowing he was loved and that he made a big impact in our lives. 

I have a 47 year old daughter who lights up my life and everyone’s that she touches. and she is also an Accelerated Evolution Coach.

Scuba diving and traveling to tropical places is my passion, experiencing the brilliance of life under the sea.  


Linda swimming with a turtle