Self Inquiry – the Depth, Beauty, and Truth of YOU


July 18-22, 2024
April 30-May 4, 2025


For over 40 years since the Enlightenment Intensives began, people all over the world have confirmed attaining the same enlightenment experience that Truth Seekers have been striving to achieve for thousands of years, in just 4 days with a simple meditative technique.

  • Increase your ability for self-expression and Love.
  • Experience divinity and profound unity with all that is.
  • Know congruency, contentment and joy in Life.
  • Have more effective and satisfying communication and relationships.
  • Increase passion and direction in your life.

The Illumination Intensive is both amazingly simple and deeply mysterious. Although it is easy to do, it is life-altering work of the highest order.  You will come up against your barriers and be challenged. De-identify with all false ideas and allow the authentic you to emerge. Experience Directly the TRUTH of who you are and what life is. We will support you every step of the way to go for Truth.

Food and lodging for 4 night residential including all vegetarian meals – $1495
You will have an opportunity to donate afterwards for the facilitation – optional
The Illumination Intensive will give you four days of a simple practice that will allow you to peel away everything that is not authentically you, to experience a pure, direct realization of the deep Truth of who you are.

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July 18-22, 2024
April 30-May 4, 2025

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Highlights from Illumination Intensive – June 2023

What clients are saying

I feel so blessed that I was in your illumination intensive. It was life changing. It was hard work but the rewards were amazing.

I am still blissed out. I am looking at the world with different lens. The world looks much safer and I am able to be in acceptance of so much. Everything is an expression of Love. Everyone looks kinder and I feel so much compassion, almost overwhelming compassion.

Having the direct experience of who I am(Love) and sharing it with Dr. Larry (and his reassurance that I was not crazy). Is life changing.

I have had bizarre processing dreams. And wake up with this profound sense of peace and oneness.

I just have a feeling at my core that everything is ok. I am in flow and trust. I access the witness state at will. A Deep knowing of myself as awareness that spans space and time.

I am in recovery. I took up eating sugar obsessively when I stopped drinking. I have not reached for a candy since I left intensive. This is shocking. It feels like choice now rather than need.

Thank you so much,

Laura Lee Connery

So much of what we experience in our world and our lives is manipulation, distortion, and lies.

In order to live in Truth and Alignment we can incorporate disciplines that allow us to see clearly through the distortions of the world, and the distortions within ourselves, so that we can see and embody truth with clarity in our actions and in our life purpose.

The WarriorSage Illumination Intensive was one of the most impactful experiences and disciplines I’ve had the privilege to be a part of.

This deep dive intensive allows us to work through the layers of who and what we think we are, and what we think life is all about it, to the

Truth of Life and Self.

This intensive also greatly supports and trains us to embody greater focus, presence, and communication with people in our lives personally and professionally.

A profound training for anyone who works as a professional coach, therapist, or doctor, or is in any type of leadership position.

Andrew Marshall

Master coach and trainer, Embody the Practice

I’m so grateful for your amazing facilitation and space created at the retreat, I had such a profound experience and I can’t wait to dive deeper and do a lot more with this. Being connected to my direct experience has given me immense peace and a deepening of presence and being.  I feel completely at peace with myself and the world, and my life has been amazing since! I really want to attend both of the intensives coming up.

Linda Stelluti

Gut-Directed Hypnotherapy