Awakening To Truth

 A Journey into Self Realization

Mind Clearing   and Emotion Clearing                                             


Mind Clearing is Yoga for the Mind.  
It is a one on one formal processing session.


Clearing can free you from fixed attitudes, patterns, habits and stuck conditions to allow for more fluidity and choice in your life.

Clearing is effective in getting relief from current problems.  Gain more energy freedom to live you your life empowered. 

Clearing can release charge and tension to allow you to have more serenity and peace of mind. 

Clearing allows the innate wisdom of the individual to emerge and to be the guiding force in your life.

Clearing helps to remove barriers, shells, guardedness and confusion that keep you from having intimacy and fulfillment in relationships.

Clearing helps you identify and achieve your goals in business and in life and allows you to live with move passion and clarity.

    ·    Do you have a current problem or situation that is bogging you down?

    ·     Do you have a decision that is difficult to make?
    ·      Do you have a goal or project that has a barrier to achieving it?
    ·      Do you have communications or charge built up with another or others    


        in your life - living or dead?
    ·      Do you have relationships that are giving you challenges?
    ·      Do you want to find more passion in life or any area of life?
    ·      Do you want to communicate with more flow and ease and authenticity?





Do you want more serenity and peace?

I have been working with Linda for about a year. I have benefitted from individual sessions, both in person and on Skype. I have valued her workshops as some of the most precious opportunities to have crossed my path. Linda has been like a midwife, a solid, compassionate trustworthy guide through my own reemergence. Her strength and flexibility contribute to her capacity to adjust to my needs of the moment-skillfully supporting and celebrating my truth. Sincere, clear and kind....It is a privilege to benefit from her skills while taking responsibility for embracing life, with clarity and a sense of purpose and peace.
Andrea K- retired therapist Vancouver, BC

Linda, your work gives me an immense experience of empowerment.  I feel fortified to do the impossible.  gratitude from my whole family. 
KD  Author and workshop facilitator  San Diego









Call me for an appointment or to find out
if Mind Clearing is for you.  

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Emotion Clearing (emotional trauma release)


In Emotional trauma Release, not only do you become who you are, you act from who you are without using a false front.  The key to life is relating. With emotion mastery you can have the emotion that is appropriate to the situation.  You can relate fully and freer because you are less stuck and less filled with past stack- ups of emotion.

expected Results

  • Your capacity to feel and express emotions increases
  • Your empathy for others greatly increases
  • Your understanding and acceptance of yourself and of others increases
  • Compulsions go away. you are no longer driven by compulsivity
  • Freedom from reactivity - more present in communications
  • Real connection with others without the walls and defensiveness
  • You gain the ability to relate through emotional difficulty and still be present and authentic
  • More peace and less stress - less stress related body ailments
  • Increased self confidence, energy, feeling of fulfillment
  • More ability to receive and give love


      Work very deeply in an individual  one on one intensive format
                2 sessions per day over a 3, 5 or 7 day period.


  The Emotion Clearing Intensive program is a truly freeing experience. The ability to      confront past trauma in a safe environment, free from judgment or criticism, creates a euphoric feeling that only grows as you move through the process. Linda's receptive, positive energy flows from her heart and makes you feel nurtured and cared for, even when she doesn't say a word.
This experience has and will continue to profoundly change my life and relationships for the better and I have found who I really am. I highly recommend Linda and this program.
          Tamie G  IT Systems Support

Call me for an appointment or to find out if Emotion Clearing is for you.

All communications are completely confidential.







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