Awakening To Truth

 A Journey into Self Realization

  Gnostic Intensive "Kensho" Facilitator Training


       facilitated by Linda Robinson


For those who love ENLIGHTENMENT(Illumination) Intensives and Kensho Awakening Seminars: How would you like to learn the process so you can guide others- either one on one or with groups. Create an additional income stream and serve in other's Awakening.

Learn the Alternate Technique created by Zivorad Slavinski and fine- tuned by Satyen Raja and Linda Robinson Learn to guide people to direct experience normally in one 40 minute individual session, or in a one day group seminar.

  • Learn to Facilitate and guide others on Zoom, Skype or in person
  • Become Expert in helping others achieve Direct Knowing/ Direct Experience of Truth
  • Get Certified by one of the Top Trainers in this Method - Linda Robinson
  • Help Humanity – those you serve AWAKEN to Who and What they are.
  • Create an additional INCOME Stream.  Learn how to monetize and work with clients.
  • Make the kind of contribution you have been yearning for.
  • Reconnect with this Amazing Work and with a like- minded Community.


  • 4 weekly group conferences on Thursday Evenings on ZOOM  starting  July 11 – Aug 1.                   2 Individual sessions with Linda to cultivate and up-level your effectiveness
  • Partnered practice sessions throughout the week
  • Detailed Protocol  Script and training to use it effectively
  • Outline to lead group seminars and training to be effective
  • GNOSTIC INTENSIVE E Book by Zivorad Slavinski

Linda Robinson has been trained by Lawrence Noyes and leading Enlightenment Seminars for 10 years. She had been trained by Satyen Raja and Stephen Garrett and staffed and co-mastered Illumination Intensives with over 100 people per intensive.                                                                                                                                                                    

Linda has facilitated this revised process and guided thousands of people to awakenings one-on-one and in groups.

I love the original 5 day Intensive, but with this revised process, I can serve people individually and bring groups to direct knowing so much faster.  Logistically, it is so much easier to facilitate and easier for participants to commit to the shorter time.”

CALL LINDA  619-222-2543  for information, questions and to Register



July 11 - August 1 2019

6pm- 8pm  

4 weekly sessions by ZOOM plus 2 one on one sessions with Linda

Regular Tuition $995

discounted $300 through June 20th, 2019  = $695




ZOOM Video Conferening

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