Awakening To Truth

 A Journey into Self Realization

Executive Coaching

Leadership with Heart – Be confident, inspiring and get results.

Working with executives, leaders and entire companies, Linda provides trainings and individual coaching that has measurable results in the workplace and in people’s lives. 


I love to bring out the best in individuals and companies to raise their abilities and skill set and share their unique gifts and strengths with the world. (We are usually experts in finding our faults and weaknesses but we usually need help in finding and living our real strengths.)

Leadership and Communication Interactive Workshops

Customized to meet the needs of the business and the employees- from 4 hours to 2 days or ongoing – (optional can be packaged with individual coaching.)

Workshops include lecture/ information and experiential exercises for self discovery and to impress the learning.  Participants leave with clear direction and action steps to deepen their progress. 


“After one of Linda’s workshops, the entire company was buzzing with positive energy, uplifting each other, completing on projects, and working as a team.”  


Topics covered:  Examples

  • What is Leadership – skills, traits, attitudes ( and how to improve your abilities with all of it)
  • Solution based thinking and conversations
  • Building confidence
  • Inspiring and uplifting others and fostering team work
  • Organization and follow through
  • Delegation and follow up
  • Being proactive rather than reactive and putting out fires
  • Communication effectiveness and ensuring understanding
  • The art of Listening
  • Creating a Positive Work environment
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Self care and stress relief


Individual Coaching  - in person or by Skype


Working with all types of leaders from CEO, COO, CFO, management or up and coming leaders.

  (Sessions are confidential and will not be shared with supervisors or co-workers)


  • All the above topics tailored to the individual, working on specific needs and real current challenges and goals
  • Internally Claiming your leadership – Self empowering attitudes
  • Handling ongoing frustration, impatience and anger
  • Role playing and communication exercises
  • Goal setting and time management
  • Responding to criticism / giving feedback effectively
  • Accountability and results - for self and team
  • Identifying and utilization of strengths in team members
  • The art of “appreciation” and morale building
  • Balancing work and self care
  • Clearing Self sabotage and negative patterns that stop you


***   Also available: Sessions with 2 – 3 co-workers to resolve conflict, work out issues, communicate and gain understanding, and find solutions.

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to find out how Linda can serve you or your organization.

    I have been having sessions with Linda Robinson for approximately one year.  The sessions are offered to all of the management 
 staff in the company I work for.  The sessions are not mandatory but are encouraged by those that have experienced their own                personal growth that Linda has been instrumental in stimulating.  I in turn have encouraged new personnel to take advantage of 
this opportunity to access Linda’s assistance in their own journey.

   Many times I have gone to Linda with a problem situation and she has been able to ask the right questions and offer insights and perspectives that had not occurred to me.  These questions and insights have stimulated my own thought process and the solution  to the problem comes from my own deeper understanding of the problem.  There is never a ”boiler plate” or cliché answer that comes from Linda.  She finds a way to get me to come up with my own answer that I am happy with.  I have often marveled at her technique of having me come up with my own solution.

Linda’s techniques have been important to my own personal growth and journey towards my “higher self.”  A year ago I didn’t even dream that I could become the person in control when emotions were flaring all around me, but I am heading in that direction.  I have shown on several occasions that not only is it possible but is becoming the norm.  My decisions have been on point in the past year and the company I work for and I have realized the benefits.

Linda does not practice magic, however if a person is willing to work on themselves, she will work right there with you and as hard as you need her to work.  I couldn’t be happier with Linda’s fabulous coaching and I know I am a better executive for it.

Derrick Mullin
Director of Clinical Services
Elica Health Centers


   I started with Elica Health Centers (EHC) on 14 August 2014 as the Human Resources Director.  Through meeting with our CEO, she mentioned that I may benefit from the expert knowledge and coaching I would receive from Linda Robinson

I made my first call to Linda on 16 October 2014, and in all honesty, I had my reservations.  But that quickly diminished as we began to talk, as I began to feel more comfortable with Linda and came to know her as someone who can really shape me into a better person, a better team member, a better director.

EHC is growing rapidly, and as we grow, we are in need of more unity and cohesion.  Upon our CEO's request, Linda was brought in to conduct a leadership workshop to help us identify our strengths and to rework and build on our weaknesses.  Eighteen up and coming team members + 4 members of senior management were in attendance for this all day session.  We were all taken in by Linda’s dynamic presentation style, and her discussions on Leadership Best Practices, Time Management, and Taking on Responsibility (among other topics) left us all wanting for more.   Linda also made herself available for one-on-one meetings.  She left extending to the group her services for more one-on-one coaching, which many have taken full advantage of and benefitting from her feedback

In short, the expertise that Linda brings to all her clients is exceptional, and it is attained by her personal approach.  Her delivery style is energetic yet inspiring.  This can easily be seen by the remarkable changes in communication and listening styles between senior and junior management staff members, being more positive and confident in their management roles, and providing better and more exceptional patient care and customer service. 

I would not hesitate to wholeheartedly endorse Ms. Robinson to any future clients who have a strong need to change the manner in which their staff view their present position.  These clients will see a remarkable change, as we have seen in ours.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions as I will be more than happy to provide a more glowing review of this remarkable, inspiring, and motivating individual --- Ms. Linda Robinson.

Ronald M.A. Demerin
Human Resources Director


Linda is a fantastic combination of heart and mind. She has a presence that unconditionally accepts me and whatever it is I’m going through while her intelligence dependably penetrates to the heart of the situation.  She has been an extremely effective partner in helping me stay on purpose. With Linda’s help, I have prospered financially while growing increasingly effective, resilient, centered, and, I have to say, joyful amid significant personal and professional challenges. 

John Utter- president Thrive at Work




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