Awakening To Truth

 A Journey into Self Realization

About Linda Robinson                                                


Linda has been in the personal growth and Self Realization field for 40 years.

“My greatest passion in life is seeing people awaken to who they are and to live that Truth in their lives. The opportunity is to peel away everything that is not authentically You and allow the Truth of You to emerge and blossom.”

Linda is a Mind-Clearing practitioner / personal coach (one-on-one sessions  in person or by Skype, to work on any area that you want to improve) and a workshop facilitator, specializing in Enlightenment Intensive retreats and relationship seminars.  Please check out my website for more info on the programs and sessions I offer. 

Linda is a also on staff with Harmony Integration academy, helping to train other coaches in this modality that gets to the core of the issues/ traumas and dissolves them at their root. I also use these processes to serve my clients.

Linda is an Executive Coach giving group trainings and individual  coaching to Leaders in the organization or business, helping to improve communication, listening, teamwork, delegation, confidence building, organizational skills, etc.

My story:

At the age of 19, after beginning a yoga and meditation practice, I moved from New York City to Venice Beach, CA and opened a Macrobiotic vegetarian restaurant.

Shortly thereafter, I joined Arica Institute, pursuing spiritual practices aimed at Self Realization. I became a teacher for this school teaching movement, African dance, theater games, karma cleaning and other practices.

I have done many spiritual and growth oriented practices and modalities including EST, Transcendental Meditation, and Summit Workshops, a successful personal growth organization based in California, becoming the executive director of the San Diego branch in 1987 where I worked for four years. This is where I learned management skills and how to effectively run an organization. I also ran the sales department giving trainings, guest events and was responsible for the productivity of the center.

I then pursued meditation and yoga at a whole new depth towards Self Realization, participating in classes at The Vogel Institute in San Diego and became the director of this organization for several years.

I then worked for Deepak Chopra for two years as the head chef of his residential treatment program located in Del Mar, CA, participating in programs led by Deepak, gaining insight and wisdom into the nature of Reality.

In 2004, I did an Enlightenment Intensive with Warrior Sage (called the Illumination Intensive).  Everything I had learned prior to this got put into perspective and got realized by me in a direct way. I had never experienced anything so profound. Subsequently, I have participated in many other programs with Warrior Sage including several more Illumination Intensives.  I began volunteering and staffing Warrior Sage programs to be of service and to make a contribution to others. Feeling an internal calling and passion for this work and the benefits it brings to people, I began training with Lawrence Noyes, who worked directly with Charles Berner, the founder of this work, and received my master’s certification.  I am deeply devoted to humanity’s enlightenment.  As a master facilitating Illumination Intensives, I bring a huge loving heart, certainty that the process works and the willingness to do whatever it takes to serve others in this capacity.  I can help people break through their barriers to clarity in communication and achieving Enlightenment.

I also give private coaching sessions in person and on Skype using mind clearing and Harmony Integration techniques and processes.  I am also a staff member for the Harmony Integration Academy helping train coaches in this effective modality. 

I have been married to a wonderful man for 36 years.  Our quality of life and our relationship continues to grow in depth and clarity.  I have a 39 year old daughter who lights up my life and everyone’s that she touches. In addition to doing private coaching sessions, trainings and workshops, and facilitating groups in authentic communication, I also work as a Realtor and mortgage professional
I have a passion for scuba diving and travel to tropical places, experiencing the brilliance of life under the sea.  I LOVE MY LIFE!

Having the quality of life that I do helps  me serve others  with congruency knowing they can have the life of their dreams as well.



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